Welcome to The Neuro-Ophthalmology Society of Australia

NOSA was set up in 1985 to provide a meeting place for medical clinicians and scientific workers in the field of neuro-ophthalmology, that is the neurology of vision.  Most members practise either clinical neurology or ophthalmic surgery, as well as neuro-ophthalmology.

Currently, the main activity of NOSA is the annual scientific and clinical meeting, which is held in the different states of Australia, and New Zealand on a rotating basis.  Each year, guests from overseas and interstate contribute to the meeting.  The papers presented include both clinical presentation of cases for discussion, results of research, and papers reviewing different aspects of neuro-ophthalmology.  Trainees and orthoptists are welcome to attend the meeting which is open to all clinicians and scientists with an interest in neuro-ophthalmology.

The NOSA annual scientific meeting is associated with the NeuroVision Training Weekend. This Training Weekend is open to doctors and allied health professionals who want to learn more about the diseases commonly seen by Neuro-Ophthalmologists.  Many trainee doctors will attend this part of the meeting as part of their examination preparation.  With registration for the weekend, they also get secure online access to the lecturers’ slides and information hand-outs.

New members are welcome.